So that's Me

My name is Romina and I'm 18 right now *yeah*....

I live in the most beatiful *yikes* town Eichenzell which is near Fulda.

I've brown hair (which I'm going to dye blonde...) and in my opinion very

cool blue eyes ! I'm not one of the tallest only 1,66m, but everyone

knows this little saying "True greatness comes from the inside" *hehe*

At the moment I'm visiting the business secondary school in Fulda 12th

grade ! Which is very boring and maybe in summer I'm going quit....who

knows...whatever !!

In my meantime I'm listening to my favorite music, jammin' with my

guitar, reading, takin' pictures, searching pictures and just look at them,

working on this little site, be with my family and friends, and all the stuff

that people at my age do *haha*...

I'm very into shoes, I just love them <3

My fashion sense is kind of

*let me think* indescribable cuz I do not have that kind of sense

I just wear what I like and what I like to put together, no matter what

other people say!

I think I'm a very kind, caring and very crazy person... I'm laughing all

the time and I love it to make other people laugh. I can hardly keep my

mouth shut for 5 minutes....what can I say i just love it to talk !!!

Which I heard is a prefectly natural thing for women !!! *haha*

Art is very important for me, no matter in what kind it music,

pictures, theatre, opera, and so on... I'm very into art stuff

but the most important for me would have to be music !!

I just identify me in some songs and I connect so much emotions and

memories with my music... that I can't stand it when somebody

want's to tell me what I'm listening to or complains about that.

When the music touches my heart, than I don't care what style, what

singer it is, just the message counts !!!

And also pictures are very important to me because they make that

memory that you have on a thing more intense and help to keep it in

mind !!


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